Wednesday, January 12, 2011

September-December 10'


It seems like the older I get the faster life goes by. This holiday season just flew, I can't believe it came and went so fast. I love the holiday season, I love spending time with friends and family and just the feeling the holidays bring!

We went to both our families houses on Christmas day.

I sure love all my siblings!!! :)

...just a few Christmas Minute to Win it games... :)

We frosted cookies at my families house and it was delicious... you can tell ;)... Nick loved them...

...not as much as Teagan though... ha

Book Club
I love book club! It doesn't hurt that we always have the BEST food too :)!

Drill Reunion
I can't believe it has been almost 4 years since I danced with these girls. I love them all and I love how every time we get together it is just like the good old days ;)!
Keri's Wedding
Woot Woot! Keri is now a married women. I love this girl to death and I am so happy for her. Her wedding was beautiful, not as beautiful as she looked that day though. :) I'm sure going to miss her though now that she will be living in California.

A Christmas Story Christmas Party
What? Yep, that's right we went to a A Christmas Story movie Christmas Party. It was a blast!
Nick was that Dad with soot all over him from always fixing the furnace and I was the teacher.

...Nick getting pushed down the "slide" from the Santa and his elf...

...this is what happens when you lick a flag pole in the middle of winter... it gets stuck (in case you didn't learn that from the movie) ;).

...don't worry, I didn't shoot my eye out...

Gingerbread Houses
This year Nick and I made an awesome ginger bread house with his whole family. You should have seen all the candy and gingerbread house stuff there was for everyone, we could have made a gingerbread New York if we combined it all... ;)

My Diploma
...well sort of...
In today's world I feel like most people get their bachelors or masters. Although I just got my associates, it still took hard work and 2 years so I think I can be a little proud of myself for it... :)

Spritz Day
Every year all the girls on my dad's side of the family get together to make Spritz cookies. I love this tradition.

Bridal Shower!
Bridal showers are always fun, especially when your throwing it with your best friends for a best friends. It is always so much fun with just us girls.

Keri looking all fine and a little game of pin the kiss on the groom to be...
Awesome food and a thong flower bouquet... yes the flowers are underwear! :)

My little sister Lexi is an AMAZING cheerleader. She is only 12 and is already one of the best on her team. This was after one of her competitions that all the girls went to to watch Lexi.

Haunted House
I think it should be mandatory that everyone has to go through a haunted house on around Halloween. I think I have gone to one every year since I was literally 2 (thanks for that mom and dad ;)), and I still get scared. They are fun though. We went with Nick's family this year.

Birthday Parties

...I love when the leaves turn colors...

Cornbelly's With the Family

Circus Time!
We haven't been for a few years, but this year we went to the Wringling Brothers Circus with my family. The kids absolutely loved it, "it was unbelievable". I sure love the circus too.

Just some flowers by our house...

Our House!
I don't think I have ever put up pictures of our cute house. We moved in, in October of last year when it was finished being built.
I sure love my house :)!

The kitchen area where I make a full course meal EVERY night... ;) (or maybe that's Nick's dreams I'm thinking of...)

The Master Bedroom.