Thursday, September 2, 2010

August 10'

Boarden Camping Trip!
In August we went on a camping trip with Nick's whole family! It was a BLAST! We went to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho!
This was our beautiful view by our camp site!

Our 1st day in Lava we went tubbing down the river. It was so much fun! Luckily I was on a 4 man tube with some of the girls, the single man tubbers were having a heck of a time staying on their tubes. After we went tubbing we went to the pool!

The sky was beautiful at dusk!

I'm pretty proud of this picture! I am so surprised I found a flower with a butterfly on it that was not camera shy! ;)

Just a little bit of 4-Wheeling!

Nick and his amazing mom!
I'm not sure what was happening here, we were going to pose for a picture, but I thought this snap shot was cutter than the other posed photo!

Nick's not the biggest camper, but he sure had a fun time on this camping trip!

Happy FIRST Year Anniversary!
Nick and I have officially been married for a year. We got married August, 13 2009! This year has been amazing! We are so lucky to have such an amazing marriage! I love my husband so much! People told us the 1st year is the hardest, if this year was supposed to be the hardest than I can't imagine how amazing the years to come are going to be! ;)

We got a new BBQ this summer. I love it (mainly because when we BBQ, Nick is the one doing the cooking)!

Couples Book Club
This month we did Couples Book Club! It was so fun to show the guys what we do every time! I'm pretty sure all the boys really liked it. They were the ones who kept talking about the book even when it was over!

We read Ender's Game this month! It was SO good! I definitely recommend it! Notice the "bugger" cupcakes! :)