Saturday, July 10, 2010

June 10'

Summer Fun With the Family!
June was such a fun month! We got to spend a lot of time with my family!

Aspen and Talon exploring the little river at the park!

When we were at the park the sprinklers came on and scared all of us! The grown ups ran away and the kids ran for the sprinklers. I stole this pic from my sisters blog. Ha, its the best!

This guy turned 9 this month! We celebrated his birthday and then went to my nieces T-ball game. It was so cute to see her play and to be with the fam.

Of course we had to see Eclipse when it came out ;)! It was pretty good! Nick even liked it! :)

Some Babysitting!
I got to watch my sweet nieces while my sister and her husband went on a date! This is pretty typical. Ady would not go to bed...

...and Hallie was out by 10!

Manti Pageant!
I love the Manti Pageant! I am so glad we went because I have not been in a few years. I forgot how good it is. My sister lives in Ephraim so we got to go with the whole fam.

My favorite part is my brother in-laws face in the background ;)!

These scones were the best! :)

Goodbye VW Beetle!
It was a good thing to sell my car because it was starting to get a lot of problems, but it was sad at the same time. This was my first car that I got when I was 16! Lot's of good times with it!

Just Being Cute!
I love my brothers they are always half naked and getting into mischief.

Baptism and Blessing!
This handsome guy got baptised! It was such a nice day and what an amazing little brother I have!

And the next day was this sweet angel's blessing!

My sisters, mom, baby Tae and I! I love them SO much!

Hottie! ;)

Couldn't you just eat her? Not to mention she is the silliest thing too!

I love this pic! Just helpin out his niece!

Birthday Boy!
Nick turned 25! He is getting so old ;)!

I think he kinda liked his present! :) Isn't he the most handsomest 25 year old ever? :D