Friday, January 18, 2013

End of 2012!

 The bad thing about updating my blog only two times a year is that I have so many photos that I don't post because I feel like it's such a daunting task to post all of them :P! 
Anyway I am going to try to update the old blog better this year than I did in 2012! 

Nick Graduated in May!! Woot Woot!!!

 Strawberry Days!!! :)

The Rodeo!!!!

 Wicked was AMAZING!!!

Photo I took of our sweet nephew Will!


My Beautiful Siblings!!!

Live Nativity!

Our Christmas Tree

Date Night!!!

Spritz Cookie Day!


Temple Square Lights!

Tons of family time during the Holidays!

Reunion with these ladies! :)

Date Night!! :)

...and this hot guy!!!! :D

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dominican Republic

Our trip to Dominican Republic was amazing. We had so much fun just the two of us relaxing, playing, and having the time of our lives. 

Day 1
Day 1 was mainly traveling and seeing the D.R. for the first time. 

 Day 2
The second day was a lot of relaxing and exploring the ocean and the beach. 

 Right outside our room. 

I could not believe how warm the water was. I have never been in such warm ocean water. 

Day 3 - Snorkeling at Paradise Island
I think this was one of my favorite days. We took this small boat out to Paradise Island. It was the most beautiful little island ever. It was so tiny and had amazing snorkeling. It was just us and around 20 people on the whole island. 

The water was SO clear. It really was Paradise Island. 

There was only 4 little huts like this on the island.

The snorkeling was amazing and so much fun!

Nick is on the left and I'm... behind all the fish, at least you can see my flipper at the bottom ;).

Ha, I love this photo! I totally got photo bombed by this fish! 

Live sea urchin. 

Nick holding a cute little crab.

Apparently holding a wild pelican is not a good idea, you may get scratched...

I could stay like that forever...

Day 4 - 12 Waterfalls

On our way to the 12 waterfalls we took a bus and saw some fun local stuff. I love how colorful a lot of the houses are.

We saw this everywhere. Most people rode on motorcycles. 

So lush... :)

We had to hike up about a mile to get to all the waterfalls.  

 Once we got to the top we had to wear helmets and like jackets because we had to either jump or slide down all of the 12 waterfalls. 

Nick jumping off by one of the waterfalls. 

Nick and our guide through the waterfalls. 

Our delicious authentic Dominican meal after the falls. 

Just learning how cigars are made...

Holding a parrot. 

Day 5 - Nick B-day
This was Nick's birthday and all he wanted to do was relax, so relax we did! :)

Apparently they knew it was Nick's B-day because they through a HUGE party for the whole resort. There was fireworks, tons of amazing food, music, dancing, and entertainment. 

The handsome birthday boy!

Day 6 - Last Day
Our last day was amazing, but sad at the same time. Our trip went by way to fast. I didn't want to leave.

Getting our last drinks in. We each had a ton of these the whole time. I wish I would have got photos of all the food on our trip. It was all inclusive, so there was a ton and it was all so good. 


 I will sure miss this view...

 Going home... :(