Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May 10'

May has sure been a busy, but very fun month! It seems like this May just flew by.

Two of Nick's closest friends got married at the beginning of the month. We are so happy for both the amazing couples. Congrats you guys! :)
I am in love with the door handles at the Salt Lake Temple. They are beautiful!
The boys at Ken and Ashley's wedding!

Chase and Lauren got married at the Bountiful Temple! :)

Mother's Day Outing!
My 3 sisters, my mom, and I went out for a girls night for Mother's Day. It was so much fun just going out with the girls. It's something we don't get to do very often, and I wish we could every week! I have the most amazing mom in the whole world! I love you Mom!

The Blue Lemon in Alpine has the best food! Mmmm..... :)

Spa Day!
My Mom and I went to get massages. It was so amazing and the place we went to was so nice! If I could I think I would get a massage everyday. They are heavenly! It was so nice to go with just my mom! She is such a busy woman, it was so nice to just spend some one on one time together!

After our massages we went to lunch at Zupas. Always a favorite! :)
New Car!
This is our new car! Now I don't have to drive my VW Beetle and worry about all it's problems! :)

Book Club!
May's book club book was called The Robe. It was amazing! I really recommend it! It's about what happens to Christ's robe after he dies, and his life in a different point of view than I'm used to reading! I was surprised how much of a testimony builder it was!
(not all the girls wanted to get in the picture this month ;))

The amazing food! We always have the best food at book club! :)

Recitals and Birthdays!
My little sister Lexi had her dance recital! She is such an amazing dancer!

Nick with my newest baby niece Taelyn! So sweet!
One of the things my little brother wanted for his birthday was yellow sunglasses. I think they fit him perfectly! :)
My beautiful nieces! I sure love all of them!
California Vacation!
At the beginning of the month we went to California with Nick's whole family! It was so much fun being with the whole family!

Boys will be boys!

This is the sweet mini van we rented while we were there! It was a tight fit some of the time ;)!

We went to Six Flags when we were in California! It was awesome! I have never been before. We didn't bring our cameras because you couldn't hold anything while you were on the rides. A few peoples phones even flew out of their pockets some of the rides were so crazy! The rides were pretty intense! I loved it!

Of course Disneyland is a must when you go to California! I don't think you can ever get sick of that place! :)

We made sure to use all the time we could and stay till dark!

On the cart for Matterhorn.

Right before the Hollywood Tower of Terror! It gets pretty scary in there! ;)

Of course we had to see Micheal Jackson's Captain EO 3D while we were in Disneyland! This was pretty much Nick's favorite part!

Awesomeness! The boys pretending to be Jedis.

California Adventures was pretty dang fun too! I love how the atmosphere was at night time!

Siblings! I love these guys! Nick's two sisters and brother!

You have to get a picture with at least one Disney character while in Disneyland!

Those are some big turkey legs that all the boys got!

On the Hollywood Tower of Terror! Almost the whole crew in this! You can kind of see the Captain EO shirts that Nick and all his siblings just had to have!

Some sicky Mad Hatter hats!

Nick and I in front of Cinderella's Castle.

Nick's grandparents live in California so we stopped to visit them! They are so sweet!

and of course the beach!