Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What a Fun February

This month being Valentines and my birthday, we have had a lot of fun days! First of all though I would like to introduce you to someone...


Yep, we have a son! He is very sweet and his hobbies mainly consist of swimming. He sure loves it! ;)

Ha Ha! Oh, Norman! What a funny little boy! Some times he resembles a dinosaur (like in this picture)! :)

We went up to Logan to see Nick's sister cheer at a basketball game... She did so great! :)

Combo Birthday Party!

My little sister's birthday is only a few weeks away from mine, so my whole family got together to celebrate!

I am now 21 and Lexi is now 12!!!

I was not aware, but my little sister has informed me that these glasses are the new style! Oh no, am I already getting too old to know whats in style? I didn't think 21 was that old... ;)

I love this pic! My sister Brittney was nursing her baby, and my niece Ady was so confused! She didn't know what was going on under the blanket. She kept saying "is she hidin?". So Cute!!

Just a cool pic I took (and no, of course I was not driving when I took it :P)! It has sure been cold lately!

Celebrate with the girls!
Nick had school on my birthday so he surprised me by getting a limo for my friends and I to go out in! It was so sweet! I had no idea!

All of us in front of the limo!
...and inside the limo ;)

Well now that I am 21 I could celebrate the right way with this delicious.... ok, ok, it was Coke! :)
Oh, so spacious... ;)

Of course we had to go get some amazing food!
Mmmm.... I love Sushi!

Just waiting for our food at Happy Sumo!!

Blowing out my candles! That was a yummy cake!

What a fun night it was! Thanks girls for surprising me and taking me out! And thanks Nick for putting it together and paying for it ;)! Our date the night before was just as fun! :D

Valentine's Day!
Of course every one should get some flowers and chocolates from their Sweetheart on Valentines!

Book Club!

Yes, I go to book club once a month, and yes, I LOVE IT! I was never that big into reading until my good friend Kelly invited me to her book club, and now reading has seriously become one of my favorite things ever! This is also the best book club by the way ;)!